Raptor Medical Care

Many falconers have learned to care for their raptors through years of experience, working with rehabbers and vets, and referring to raptor medical books. Below are some resources for those who are new to the sport or who are looking for raptor medical information.

When in doubt – talk to an Raptor Vet in Oregon or Raptor Rehabber. They not only have the training, but years of experience of working with 100’s of raptors.

Proper Winter Weight Management

Mid-Winter Anemia by Dr. Pat Redig
(from Medical Management of Birds of Prey, 1993)
This article covers why we should monitor outdoor temps, our raptor’s food consumption, and why we should feed our raptors up at least once a week.

Raptor Health

Raptor Diseases by Lydia Ash
Thanks to Lydia Ash and her extensive webpage: The Modern Apprentice. It has many helpful pages and links, including this one outlining 45 different raptor diseases with ID and treatment options.

Raptor Health by Lydia Ash
This page outlines General Raptor Health. See these additional pages on Raptor Nutrition, Disease, First Aid, Electrocution, and Mutes.