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For general inquires about Oregon Falconers Association and club activities, please email Ralph Tolli, President.

For apprenticeship information, please see our How to Get Started page or contact ODFW, the state agency in charge of issuing all hunting licenses, including falconry licenses. OFA is for licensed falconers. We offer helpful information on how to become a falconer, but the state is the governing agency that issues licenses. We do not help apprentices find sponsors. For all other questions, or to contact any OFA officer or OFA Director, click on the names below to email us.


President Ralph Tolli                                Vice PresidentBen Pickett                               

Secretary/TreasurerJenny Roehm         WebmasterTrent Seager                 


NW MetroWayne Skankey                       WesternOwens Hill                   

EasternRon Kearney                Director At-LargePatrick Rummans