Raptor Vets in Oregon

The following is a partial list of veterinarians that work with raptors in Oregon. Please also see a list of Raptor Rehabbers to find a vet that works on raptors in your area of Oregon.

Dr. Jeff Cooney
Bend Veterinary Clinic
360 NE Quimby Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-0741
(541) 385-9110

“Dr. Jeff Cooney is an Associate Professor of Biology at Central Oregon Community College. Dr. Cooney specializes in Raptor rehabilitation, a field of veterinary medicine dealing with care for sick or injured birds of prey, with the goal of returning them to the wild. Since raptors are highly specialized predatory birds, special skills, facilities, equipment, veterinary practices and husbandry methods are necessary. Dr. Cooney achieved his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Oregon State University in 1987.” (from Bend Veterinary Clinic website)


Dr. Marli Lintner
Avian Medical Center
15952 Quarry Rd 
Lake Oswego, OR
(503) 635-5672

“Dr. Marli Lintner has a fantastic bedside manner and excels at explaining medical information in easy to understand terms.
She has been working with birds since 1984, when she recieved her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Oregon State University. She has worked with parrots of almost every species, as well as poultry, ratites, raptors, waterfowl and avian wildlife. Her avian veterinary experience is almost unparalleled in Oregon. A recipient of the Mamie Campbell Award, she has volunteered with The Audubon Society of Portland since 1986. In addition to performing veterinary services courtesy, she served as a Board member for 8 years, and served as President for 2 years.” (from Avian Medical Center website)