Falconry Books for Apprentices

While falconry has been around for thousands of years, the sheer number of books available has never been greater. Each year more falconry books come into print. Some are very broad and general while others are species specific. Below is a guide to the basic books we recommend for those hoping to join the sport of falconry. The books listed here will help familiarize you with the sport and help you prepare for the falconry exam. If you are looking for a more extensive list, you can click here to see what NAFA, Western Sporting, and Mike’s Falconry Supplies suggest.

With 100s of falconry books available for purchase, some of them costing thousands of dollars, we’ve made a list of basic books that are low-cost for entry level reading. All of these should be readily available as new and used, and therefore not be marked at too high a price.

RECOMMENDED BOOKS for APPRENTICES and those interested in joining the sport:

Study Guides for the Exam and Starting the Sport:

1. Apprentice Study Guide  by California Hawking Club
2. Apprentice Manual by California Hawking Club

All apprentices in Oregon must start with a passage Kestrel or Red-tailed Hawk:

1. American Kestrels in Modern Falconry by Matt Mullenix
2. The Falconer’s Apprentice: a Guide to Training the Red-Tailed Hawk by William Oakes

Basic knowledge required for apprentices on Raptors, Falconry, and Equipment

1. Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox
2. North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks by Beebe & Webster
3. Falconry & Hawking by Phillip Glasier
4. Falconry Equipment by Kimsey & Hodge

We recommend you check your local library and university library first to see what falconry books they offer before investing your money. Used book stores (on-line and in your area) may have copies as well. If you want to buy a new book, support falconry vendors, as they support us.
OFA Sponsors & Falconry Vendors with Falconry Books
(in alphabetical order):
Mike’s Falconry Supplies (National outfitter in Oregon)
Northwoods Falconry (National outfitter in Washington)
Western Sporting (National outfitter & publisher in Wyoming)