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The Member Area contains detailed information about falconry and falconry issues in Oregon. If you are an Oregon falconer and a regular OFA member, we are happy to share this information with you. Email the webmaster ( and request a password be sent to you. Include your full name and if it matches ODFW’s list of licensed falconers and OFA’s member list, we’ll send you the password to the Member Area.

If you are a falconer looking for links to fill out your state and federal paperwork, see below.

Go to: ODFW Falconry Raptor Captuer Permits (wild take) and Falconry License for:

  • ODFW Oregon Falconry License Application
  • ODFW Resident Oregon Raptor Capture Permit Application
  • ODFW Non-Resident Oregon Raptor Capture Permit Application
  • ODFW Resident Oregon Peregrine Falcon Permit Application (must be submitted by 1 March)
  • ODFW Non-Resident Oregon Peregrine Falcon PermitApplication (must be submitted by 1 March)

For Assistance or Questions
Telephone: (503) 947-6301


Game Birds: you can buy a 3-day Game Bird Permit on-line, where they can print it and use it immediately. Tell your friends!

Rabbit Hawking: Out-of-state falconers are allowed to hunt rabbits on private property without a hunting license, if you have permission from the landowner to act as an agent (to hunt them as a predatory animal).

  • “A landowner or landowner agent does not need a hunting or trapping license to take predatory animals on land they own, lease, lawfully occupy, possess, or have charge of or dominion over.” see Oregon Big Game Regulations for more info


NOTE: Oregon Falconers must place an “OR” in front of their permit # so that the federal register can recognize the permit number.